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Automation of documents becomes relevant in the company if you have many clients, and the staff of sales department spends time for drawing accounts, contracts, specifications and offers. All documents are standard therefore they can be formed automatically. It will allow managers to save up to 2 working hours a day. And all you need to do is to subscribe to CRM with document management
For automation templates of the main documents, an information system will be necessary for good CRM + necessary data to create the basic document under the specific client where individual characteristics will be registered. The document is formed on the basis of a template, and the necessary information is loaded from the client’s card in CRM. If necessary, the system asks the manager several specifying questions, and, on the basis of it, the individual document for the client is created.

Automation of creation of individual documents for clients

The companies spend more than 30 minutes for preparation of one offer. But documents are usually identical, about 10% of contents change. Often the price list under the inquiry of the client is inserted into the informational system. Integration allows specifying to the manager the cost and the list of services/goods + to load special pictures from the general price list. As a result, the presentation is made individually. This leads to vast Sales Force Automation.
As the manager fills out information on the client, a specification is loaded from the client’s card, and the document is created automatically. In only 5 minutes (instead of 45).
For work with documents, there should be used a proper CRM. It is convenient as all documents are stored in a cloud, they can be edited and sent for the reference. Commenting on such a document, the client doesn’t make the change, and the manager can supplement it. Thus, coordination of the document happens without his constant copying.

Today, Internet marketing is developing at a higher pace than ever before. Companies are striving to gain more popularity on the Internet, and more customers. Using specialized and paid software for all the necessary internet marketing tools, however, is not profitable and affordable, and here the free online options come into play.

If you are one of those who are still pushing your head to find free tools that can help you and save you time that will increase your efficiency and ultimately bring you good results, -10 minutes to read this article. For the Alt Med Marketing this is important now.

We show you these free tools that will serve your online business in an unexpected way.

Content Idea Generator / Generator of Content Ideas

By dealing with Internet marketing and entering a blog, we understand how difficult it can be to find an interesting way to present some information, and sometimes even a topic to write about. But knowing the importance of the content on your site, we want you to know that I and you have helpers in this.

When you “get stuck” about finding a new topic or ideas for content, the Content Idea Generator application comes with a lot of creative ideas.

Pocket (Pocket)

Exclusive application if you like to read articles online, no matter the themes, but you do not always have time to review them right away.Pocket can be supplemented as an addition to any type of browser or can be downloaded as an application for each smartphone. You will be able to install this app on your browser and save an article to read it later. Everything you keep can be easily found, opened and read at a moment you want. So you do not have to remember different sites or lintels and dig into them later on.The app not only allows you to read articles, but it also represents something like a selected library for all the best articles in the world.


A great app that helps you share content across different social media. You can easily plan the publication of your content in different social media and sites and make it very easy to promote, just by a single dashboard.


And if we talk about social media management, HootSuite is definitely on top of the list. This small tool helps you manage all your media activities on just one board. Manage all your media activities on just one board.


You can plan your tweets, statuses on Facebook, Google+ campaigns, and all the other great things the imagination can create.

  1. Backlinks Checker / Check Links

But first, what is a Backlink?

These are the links that lead to your site. The more you have, the better.

  • What is the meaning of how much backlink we have to your site? Huge.
  • The more link you have to your site, the more Google thinks your site is important and useful to users and therefore rewards it with better search engine rankings and higher PageRank.