Streaming is an Internet broadcast mode that allows you to play files continuously without downloading them to your computer. These files are stored on servers, the user only reads them. Streaming works for music also for video.Music streaming is booming with the help of Movie box for PC. In just a few years, the number of subscribers has tripled. The reason is simple, streaming platforms provide instant access to millions of titles from a computer, tablet, smartphone and even from a connected speaker or game console.

How it works?

Any device connected to the internet can access streaming files, a computer, a touch pad and even a smartphone. Just open your Internet browser and access a streaming music site. To facilitate the management of listening and library most services offer software to install on your computer and a mobile application for smartphones and tablets. Several brands of living room equipment have made it easy to use streaming by integrating wireless streaming technologies into their Wi-Fi speakers.

Is the sound of good quality?

The platforms of streaming all boast a high quality or CD quality sound. In reality the sound quality varies from one operator to another. In general, they offer MP3 compressed music but not always at the same rate. There are several variants like 96, 128, 192, 256, 320 kbps, etc. The larger the number, the less the sound data is eliminated during compression. In other words, a 320 kbps MP3 is better than a 128 kbps MP3. Most platforms claim MP3s up to 320 kbps but it’s hard to know how many files achieve this quality in their catalog.

Can you download music to my computer?

In streaming the music is stored on servers. It is not downloaded to the computer. However, there is an offline mode in Movie box IOS that allows you to store tracks on a computer, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to enjoy the music when the internet connection is bad or absent. This mode is reserved for paying subscribers. In this case your purchases are stored on your hard drive and you can copy them to a player.

Conclusion: What is the offline& online mode?

As part of their paid offers the platforms offer an offline mode. The user can temporarily store the music to access it when he does not have the internet connection. But if they unsubscribes, the music disappears. And it must connect at least once a month to the service to update its rights. The music is stored at the provider not in your device except when you synchronize music in offline mode. In this case, the music is stored locally. Generally you can define in the application settings the maximum space you want to allocate.