Today, Internet marketing is developing at a higher pace than ever before. Companies are striving to gain more popularity on the Internet, and more customers. Using specialized and paid software for all the necessary internet marketing tools, however, is not profitable and affordable, and here the free online options come into play.

If you are one of those who are still pushing your head to find free tools that can help you and save you time that will increase your efficiency and ultimately bring you good results, -10 minutes to read this article. For the Alt Med Marketing this is important now.

We show you these free tools that will serve your online business in an unexpected way.

Content Idea Generator / Generator of Content Ideas

By dealing with Internet marketing and entering a blog, we understand how difficult it can be to find an interesting way to present some information, and sometimes even a topic to write about. But knowing the importance of the content on your site, we want you to know that I and you have helpers in this.

When you “get stuck” about finding a new topic or ideas for content, the Content Idea Generator application comes with a lot of creative ideas.

Pocket (Pocket)

Exclusive application if you like to read articles online, no matter the themes, but you do not always have time to review them right away.Pocket can be supplemented as an addition to any type of browser or can be downloaded as an application for each smartphone. You will be able to install this app on your browser and save an article to read it later. Everything you keep can be easily found, opened and read at a moment you want. So you do not have to remember different sites or lintels and dig into them later on.The app not only allows you to read articles, but it also represents something like a selected library for all the best articles in the world.


A great app that helps you share content across different social media. You can easily plan the publication of your content in different social media and sites and make it very easy to promote, just by a single dashboard.


And if we talk about social media management, HootSuite is definitely on top of the list. This small tool helps you manage all your media activities on just one board. Manage all your media activities on just one board.


You can plan your tweets, statuses on Facebook, Google+ campaigns, and all the other great things the imagination can create.

  1. Backlinks Checker / Check Links

But first, what is a Backlink?

These are the links that lead to your site. The more you have, the better.

  • What is the meaning of how much backlink we have to your site? Huge.
  • The more link you have to your site, the more Google thinks your site is important and useful to users and therefore rewards it with better search engine rankings and higher PageRank.


By being unique in nature, creative innovative techniques and having the best techniques in place, your business can certainly see the best results. This can be very much possible with ways of search engine optimization and the knowledge to execute these techniques in the best way possible. Achieve results with LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO


What is search engine optimization? How does it help?

Search engine optimization is nothing but designing a proper marketing plan on the global front with the World Wide Web by your side. This means in other words, optimizing your business website in such a way that it is found in the top results of the search engine results pages like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Bing etc.


Exclusive Techniques of Organic SEO


Having said that, use of Organic SEO in order to build your website, maintain it and optimize it is a vital step.


  • Organic optimizing is a technique of getting high rank for website on leading search engines.
  • Organic search engine optimization has the ability to offer you business with maximum online exposure for getting the attention of prospective clients and customers and convert them into sales for lead generation.
  • For getting desired result through organic search engine optimization, your Internet marketing experts have to research and find out the keywords that describes your business the best.
  • On implementation of the right organic optimization tactics, you are bound to get an improved traffic for your website.


Enhance your website’s visibility


  • For enhancing your website’s visibility, you have to adhere to a number of off-page and on-page SEO This is essential for long-term business benefits.
  • You can get an increased number of leads when you employ the organic methods to target the right audience. It is absolutely true that the content and design attracts visitors. This helps in increasing possibilities of sales by converting leads into customers.
  • For building an organic search engine optimization website, you need to create relevant content for your website that will grab the attention of the users.
  • However, just a simple content does not serve the purpose; instead, you need to ensure that the content is unique, creative, innovative and non-plagiarized in any form. Moreover, a regular update of the content on the website is always suggestible.


You also need to create outside links to your website so that more number of people can get redirected to your website and more traffic means more business potential.

The experts show you what search engine optimization is, how you understand site search engines and whose aspects are given greater weight.Every day millions of people search online, from plane tickets to zoos. That means there are millions of opportunities for businesses to appear in front of potential customers.

Suppose you have a small farm and want to expand through online sales. This means when someone searches for words related with your business, such as “organic apples”, you have a bigger chance of appearing in their results. For LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO these are the essential options.

  • Search engines have formulas or algorithms that sort the result lists. They are constantly researching the internet for new content. The words you use on the site influence their position between these results. Your farm may be the expression: “Fresh farm products”.
  • There are other factors like the number of sites with links to yours.
  • Does it seem unclear to you? Think of the search engine as an impresario. An impresario comes in order to give the one or the one looking for the web exactly what he needs.

But how does this work?

You can find how popular some sites are or what people say or other sites about them. You can consider words from specific pages or keywords in the source code of the site. Each of these components will help the search engine find the right result for your search.

  • Search engines now also take into account their geographic position. A search in the UK will show local results. There are great chances that a similar search in France will show different results. Moreover, search engines consider the mobile device used in search.
  • But just like an insider who’s been in business for years, search algorithms are evolving. They are adding more and more information over time.
  • Are you wondering what you can do to make your site attractive to a search engine? We will talk more about this.

But here’s a good starting point: search engines most appreciate the unique, relevant and engaging content.

That’s how things are

Searches are simple to use and many do daily. But what happens behind the curtain is constantly changing. In order to promote your website online, you need to know what the search engines offer. Make sure your site offers these things. As the companies move forward, they will tell you more about how search engines work. And more, they will help you build an SEO strategy to reach your business goals.